I can declutter

You Can Declutter, manage clutter and solve clutter issues in your home and your mind, starting as soon as you call me at 1-800-ThePlan.

By default, your plan does not work, but ThePlan will when you call me and ask for our 33 successful years of helping smart people like you, get a better life.

33 years of restoring thousands of people’s homes, lives and minds that are simply filled with too much stuff.

Kitchen PA before DMKitchen PA after DM

In and amongst the stuff on your floors and in your head are three things;

Great stuff, marginal stuff and simply trash, refuse, junk, litter and misconceptions, that waste your energy, life and true happiness.

Clutter, clutterers, pack rats, collectors, hoarders, busy professionals without much time or the wherewithal to take good care of themselves. Clutter starts in your head, falls off the tables and ends up on the floor.

Are you overwhelmed?  Do you suffer from anxiety?  Do you get depressed living amongst your own possessions?

Are you interested in learning how get and live in a much more efficient and easier place?

Call me now on my personal cell phone at 212-724-9225 and I will teach you how our unique system works to your advantage.

The cost of being cluttered is far more expensive than employing me to coach you how to stop wasting your life over inanimate objects.

Ask my clients and they will tell you, finding Ron Alford was the best thing that they have ever done.

For more information, contact us direct at (212) 724-9225, or via the contact form below.

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